About Us

Edualliance Educational Consultants Pvt Ltd

Edualliance Educational Consultants Pvt Ltd, is one of the oldest and most trusted overseas education consultant in Maharashtra. We extend guidance to all aspirants, right from applications till the final admissions.

With over 17 years of expertise, we have the best study abroad consultants in Kolhapur & Pune. It is a well-known fact that foreign universities of all developed countries conduct a complete review profiles of each student. Understandably, it can be a very difficult choice for a student to choose the correct course and college best suited for them. We come in the picture here! Our experience and efficient team will assist each applicant/student in assessing profiles, consolidating it and matching it with the most suitable university as per choice and demand.

The world is getting competitive with each passing day. Only High test scores are not enough to ensure a placement in a dream university. An applicant needs a strong profile, choosing the correct destination, well thought list of universities/colleges, appropriate LOR’s, an attractive winning essay, and enterprising SOP and last but not the least preparation for the interview. The good news is that we have got it all covered for you in all the above aspects!

Bottom line is: We make sure that you and your profile stand out among thousands of other applicants.

Countries which we cover for overseas education and bring it to the doorstep of every student:

  • UK
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Sweden
  • Poland
  • Ireland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Netherlands

Edualliance Educational Consultants Pvt Ltd.’s distinctive algorithm include:

  • Aptitude testing
  • Finances
  • Post-employment opportunities,
  • Connecting to loan providers
  • Arranging appropriate scholarships if needed
  • Assistance in Pre & Post Admission arrangements
  • etc

Our excellent branch network and association with leading institutions worldwide and impeccable reputation helps us to deliver top quality education services.

Other than professional academic and career counseling, Edualliance Educational Consultants Pvt Ltd.’s distinctive algorithm include:!

  • Aptitude testing
  • Course and University Selection
  • Streamlined application process guidance and assistance
  • Admission Assistance
  • Visa Guidance
  • Accommodation Assistance
  • Test Prep for IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GMAT, GRE, SAT and ACT.
  • Bank loan assistance
  • Travel Assistance
  • Foreign Exchange Assistance
  • Medical & Travel Insurance
  • Comprehensive Pre-Departure Guidance.

Edualliance Educational Consultants Pvt Ltd.’s is India's Leading Overseas Education Consultancy and has helped hundreds of students achieve their dreams.

The Team Services

management team

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day and Mr. Anand Handur founder of Edualliance Educational Consultants Pvt Ltd has done the same. In the last 2 decades his dedication, hard work and sincerity has made it possible that the company has 2 offices in Maharashtra and is rated one of the best overseas education consultants. By education he is an Engineer, which has helped him in understanding thought process of students and their desire of studying abroad. He has travelled across the globe and possesses expertise in student recruitment.

The company is well supported by other directors Mrs. Amruta Handur, Mr. Nitin Shah and Mrs. Manjusha Shah.

The complete management team of Edualliance Educational Consultants Pvt Ltd are qualified professionals possessing rich experience in the field of overseas education. This knowledge and experience has been systematically and successfully downloaded to its large team of academic advisors. The leadership team is passionate about helping students establishing successful careers and leaves no stone unturned to ensure great results.

Our team comprises of the following members who play a very important factor is completing a complete turnaround time of a student getting placed in a foreign university:

  • Overseas Educational Advisors
  • Training Faculties
  • Administrative Staff

Edualliance Educational Consultants Pvt Ltd Network

Currently, we have 2 branches which are Kolhapur & Pune however we assist aspirants from all across India. All offices are wholly owned and company managed.

REASONS Why You Must Join Edualliance Educational Consultants Pvt Ltd:

  • Track record of admissions across the globe which is matchless.
  • Unlimited number of iterations to university shortlists
  • Our experienced and dedicated team of experts comprising of writers, editors and counselors given undivided attention to each applicant
  • Mock Interviews which are unparalleled to many which include: one-on-one, panel, informative, evaluative, etc.
  • Unlimited number of iterations to application documents
  • Visa counseling, pre-departure orientation and value-added service at its best.