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For Students

Career Counseling is a well guided technique that will assist you to identify and understand yourself in order to make a career, educational and important life decisions. Choosing the correct & suited career is very significant as ones career spans one's entire life and delineates an individual, the lifestyle one has and the kind of people one interacts with. In simple words the most important thing which impact one’s life is one's career. Hence, choosing the correct course, destination, university & applying for international education abroad is a very critical decision, both in terms of finance and emotions. Therefore, it is advisable & clever to spend ample of time and efforts to make the right career optimal decision.

On the basis of your desires, strengths & weaknesses, Edualliance will guide you to follow the exact career path. Strong understanding of international post study work opportunities, jobs, opening economic and industry trends and permanent residency policies. Academic Pathway Planning (Interest, Career and Aptitude testing and counseling)

We know what will suits you the best and we assure you on this.

To be the best you need the best teachers and coaches. This is where we are good at. We will provide the best coaching for various international entrance exams, viz SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, GRE & GMAT. Our well trained staff will not only make sure you are trained well they will couch you in such way that selection is the only option. With years of experience and placing hundreds of students aboard we have the complete idea what and how to couch.

Assistance on university selection that best suits your personal, academic and financial profile/ parameters.

With an assortment of academic choices amongst various destinations, colleges, universities, and numerous courses offered worldwide, making the right decision can be confusing and difficult.

Luckily for students, Edualliance has a widespread official tie ups with vast number of reputed universities and colleges worldwide. We represent Universities in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Poland, Ireland, France, Germany, and Netherlands. Our close association, professional relationship & understanding with universities in these countries enhances the chances of our students’ admissions since all of them know about our sincere approach and quality of students sent in previous years. Institutions themselves are pleased to be associated to Edualliance for Indian students as they receive completed and relevant applications. This results in institutions prioritizing their response to us.

The entire process does look simple but one gradually realizes that there are several queries, factors and formalities that need to be adhered to correctly and promptly.

Edualliance provides step by step guidance for the complete study abroad university application process that includes the following key stages thus maximizing your chances of getting admission in the institution of your choice.

Step 1 - Expert Free Counseling

Step 2 - Identify Course, Country and University

Step 3 - International Test Prep

Step 4 - Document Editing

Step 5 - Application Process

Step 6 - Interview Preparation

Step 7 – Visa

It’s a competitive world and this applies for the universities all across the globe. Various countries, universities offer variety of attractive courses and benefits to attract students from other countries. The educational world is an open door for all. However as students we need to choice the correct door which will help us in achieving what we dream of. It’s not only about the education since after completing the course potential employers see a big opportunity in hiring international experienced graduates from their own country. Diverse campus experience, peer learning and overall development change the dynamics of the student for their entire life.

Business courses are the most popular ones amount Indian students. Renewable energy jobs have been trending recently. MBA has been a favorite selection since a long time now; evidently it’s worth it as well. Many students look forward for a major which will assist them in developing managerial skills, creativity and focus. Computer science engineering degree with excellent skills on software development, cloud computing, programming and coding are valued everywhere to the highest of standards.

We will personally guide you in choosing the course which fits your career and personal goals. We shall assist students with follow on academic programs to post completion of their primary academic programs to achieve their dream of studying abroad.

Filling up various universities, online application is a very complex & tedious procedure. Edualliance having a strong & expert backend processing team, we assure to take care of all online application submissions on behalf of a student.

Statement of purpose & LOR play a vital role in application evaluation by the university. With a strong content writing team Edualliance possess expert skill set in drafting LOR’s & SOP’s. We guide you through out the entire admission process especially follow ups with the University to keep a track of your application status.

Our main purpose is to make things happen what the student wants. We try our best in providing all our services with utmost clarity and perfections. We provide complete information about various scholarships offered by different universities which eventually benefits the students. We are here to make things happen to you in the right way.

Overseas education can be a costly affair. However you need not worry. We have tie-ups with local banks to assist you for educational loan process. In the end we want you to make your dream come true and we shall make sure we give our best services to make it happen.

Edualliance will never leave you midway of your journey. We will guide you with different types of accommodation, which fit, into your needs and budget.

To start with, to enter any country one needs a Visa. Applying for a study/student visa for any country is not an easy task and involves procedures and knowledge. Edualliance will help you with the entire Visa process that includes:

• Filling up applications

• Compiling financial statements

• Guidance and training for mock interviews

• And much more.

Even though the process of an international student visa is confusing and lengthy good news is that 99% our students get a visa for their choice of country. We will take you through the process of a paper based visa application system or an online system depending country wise. Edualliance’s counselors will also assist in drafting your study plan as required by some consulates.

We are regularly updated by the consulates with the latest Visa documentation and rules for students and work permit after completions of studies.

Please note that we don’t charge our students for Visa guidance.

Edualliance is associated with well-known and reputed foreign exchange dealers who shall offer you with prompt services and competitive exchange rates. They assist you with wire transfers, currency, etc..

Our helpline is all the time available for your guidance.

Living in new country is definitely rewarding however sometimes it can be challenging. We will guide you well in advance the selected countries various facets. We help you book fights well in advance, in order to ensure ideal departure dates, routes, insurance, foreign exchange, mobile sim, etc.

An updated “Pre-Departure Kit” will also be provided to each student travelling abroad for education. We arrange a program in which overseas Students who are currently studying and travelled from India will share their first-hand experience to assist students to adapt to the new culture and environment.

Edualliance help students to arrange airport pick-up abroad. We will guide you with end to end solution and make sure you reach your destination save.